Errol Doebler

Executive Coach & Wim Hof Method Instructor



My name is Errol Doebler, and I am the founder of Leader 193. I bring passion to leadership based on my experience as a Navy SEAL Platoon Commander, FBI Special Agent and SWAT Operator, as well as my time as a leader in the private sector in New York City and Washington, DC. 



With over 20 years of experience in leading combat operations, international terrorism and criminal investigations, and business transactions, I provide my clients with a unique, unparalleled perspective on leadership.  I believe that each person has the ability to lead and inspire. I am committed to applying my leadership experience directly to the specific needs of my clients.


Client testimonials

Our organization hired Errol and Leader 193 in 2016 to help our Board formulate and implement a detailed plan to execute our mission. Since that time, he has also worked to help us understand how to quantify and measure a successful organization. He has taught us how we can best keep each other accountable for the good of our organization.
— Marc Davis, National Basketball Referees Association
As a career-long programmer I flamed out of my first big time leadership role. Errol’s guidance and coaching has given me the confidence and skills to handle a team again and I am having a blast while soaring towards heights I hadn’t thought possible.
— Zac Ruiz, Founder of Salt.IO
I am proud to endorse the work performed by Errol Doebler and his Leader 193 team. Errol does not preach, but helps to enlighten in each of his subjects that we are all leaders irrespective of the title written on our business cards, and that actions have consequences. I was impressed with Errol’s preparation leading up to the training session with my team, but his true secret sauce was his ability to deliver a message in which people inherently connect.
— David Ellison, SVP Sales and Marketing, Vexos, Inc.
Over the past several years our organization has been engaged in continuous and complete transformation. We engaged Errol and the Leader 193 team to provide an experienced based perspective on what true leadership is and how to develop it our teams. Errol conducted a leadership engagement session at our offsite which was not only inspirational but practical as well. By the end of the day, he had established our “ownership” of the change and the importance of holding ourselves accountable. For any organization in need of leadership development, Leader 193 is your solution.
— Louis Brown, Director of Lean Center of Excellence, Fortune 50 Insurer
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