My name is Errol Doebler, and I am the founder of Leader 193. I bring passion to leadership based on my experience as a Navy SEAL Platoon Commander, FBI Special Agent and SWAT Operator, as well as my time as a leader in the private sector in New York City and Washington, DC. 

My diverse experience in leading combat operations, international terrorism and criminal investigations, and business transactions provides my clients with a unique, unparalleled perspective on leadership.  I believe that each person has the ability to lead and inspire. I am committed to applying my leadership experience directly to the specific needs of my clients. 

“As a career-long programmer I flamed out of my first big time leadership role. Errol’s guidance and coaching has given me the confidence and skills to handle a team again and I am having a blast while soaring towards heights I hadn’t thought possible.” ~Zac Ruiz, Founder of Salt.IO