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Podcast Guest Appearances


one mind podcast

Errol proudly appeared on the One Mind Podcast, brought to you by About Meditation, and hosted by Morgan Dix. Morgan is a writer, educator, and co founder of About Meditation who explores the intersection of meditation and culture. Together, Errol and Morgan explored the Wim Hof Method, and discussed it’s impact on overall wellness as well as leadership.


business blast podcast

Errol enjoyed the opportunity to appear on the Business Blast Podcast, hosted by Tyler Wagner. Tyler is the founder of Authors Unite, where he helps people learn to write, publish, and market their first book. Tyler is also the bestselling author of Conference Crushing, a book designed to help business people and entrepreneurs maximize their ROI at networking events, conventions and conferences. Together, Errol and Tyler explored Errol’s perspective on the intersection between business, leadership, and life.