Executive Coaching

Developing the soft skills of communication, enhancing the ability for employees to act with initiative and creativity, and developing an overall culture of excellence through time honored leadership principles are vital for any leader searching for excellence.

Speaking & Seminars

Speaking engagements can range from small group settings to large conferences focusing on Leader 193's core principles of leadership and real world experiences. Seminars on specific leadership topics available upon request.


Through lecture, real life experience, and mindful practice, Leader 193 hosts customized 2-5 day leadership retreats for teams and organizations aspiring to create and maintain a culture of excellence. Retreats are tailored  according to the desires of each client.

“I am proud to endorse the work performed by Errol Doebler and his Leader 193 team. Errol does not preach, but helps to enlighten in each of his subjects that we are all leaders irrespective of the title written on our business cards, and that actions have consequences. I was impressed with Errol’s preparation leading up to the training session with my team, but his true secret sauce was his ability to deliver a message in which people inherently connect. He uses his past experiences as a Navy SEAL, FBI Special Agent, and corporate manager to hold attention, but he also mixes in the challenges we face every day as a spouse, as a parent, or as a colleague to solidify and enhance each lesson. I am looking forward to having Errol work with my teams for years to come.” 
~David Ellison, SVP Sales and Marketing, Vexos, Inc.

Leadership Retreats

Speaking Engagements by Leader 193

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